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Why Should One Possess a Short URL

World wide web operates by links. Every page, site redirects want you to an other page using links. Links are getting to be so important that men and women usually aim to describe the material of the topic inside link thereby making these links longer.

The question that arises is usually that - "is it beneficial to have such long links?"

I'd say not much, as well as the answer why i believe this is because the disadvantages outweigh the benefits of getting them to.

Having said these ok, i'll introduce the technique of short URLS

As quoted by Wikipedia URL shortening is really a technique around the Online world in which a Uniform Resource Locator(URL) could be made substantially shorter in size. This requires getting an HTTP redirection a suitable that is definitely Shorturl to backlink to a website page that has a long Uniform Resource Locator.

Going a move further allow me to discuss with regards to the Uniform Resource Locator shortening services online.

The Google URL shortener:

This can be a service that may long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to have a link simpler to share, tweet, or email to friends. This specific service offers a great insight on the traffic resource providing additional information under various categories like the country from where the URL was clicked, the browsers that the link was clicked etc.


Goo.gl short URLs are randomly generated, and also the mappings of short to long URLs are publicly accessible.

Additionally, the mappings are: Immutable - once made by you, no one may change them Irrevocable - once created, they just do not expire. Note, however, that Google reserves the right to remove any goo.gl short URL, as an example for spam, security or legal reasons

The way you use Google's URL Shortener:

Visit goo.gl Copy and past your long URL on Google's URL shortener. Click on the "Shorten" button. Copy the shortened URL and then use it in your campaigns on social media sites /micro blogging sites (e.g. Twitter, Google Buzz). Study your shortened URL's click statistics.

Why isn't we shorten the URL:

1) Turning it into SEO Navigation friendly and have better indexing: SEO tools prefer short URL to efficiently index the page online. The various search engines index the hierarchy with the Hyperlink to a specific level, and after that they drop the extended URL.

2) Avoid URL warp: Descriptive attributes in the URL to represent information may lead to a URL which is aesthetically unpleasant and hard to remember. Copying a URL that may be countless characters long may make the URL garbled.

3) Allow it to be micro-blogging friendly: The micro blogging sites such Twitter and also some instant-messaging services have got a total character limit to messages. With a URL shortener can enable users to add in a URL that could otherwise not fit.

Another URL shortening services are:



These services provide human-readable URLS

So the next time whenever you write the latest post, article keep the URL as little as possible

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